1Credit: Break ice subroutine.
1Credit: +1 strength.

Use Alpha only on the outermost piece of ice protecting a server.
The beginning...

Related RulingsEdit

  • "The outermost piece of ice" restriction is only checked when an ability on Alpha is used to interact with a piece of ice.[1]:Ruling


  1. Alpha & Outmost ICE Ruling
    When does Alpha check whether the ICE it is approaching/encountering is the outermost piece and therefore a valid target to break? Is the "outermost ICE" a constant condition regardless of previous board state, or does it remember (ie: the outermost ICE at start of run is the outermost ICE for the duration of the run irrespective of whether it is present after the first Run Chart Step 2/3 iteration)?
    Alpha only cares that the ice is the outermost piece of ice when you are paying the paid ability to break subroutines.

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