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The most common type of prize released for organized play of Android: Netrunner is promotional alternate art cards. They are reprints of already existing cards, except instead of the original art they feature brand new art. Alternate art cards are also always formatted with different card layouts so that the art can take up most of the card, commonly referred to as full bleed.

List of cards with alternate artEdit

Set # Name Faction Type
51 Crypsis Neutral Program
108 Melange Mining Corp. Neutral Asset
33 Kate "Mac" McCaffrey, Digital Tinker Shaper Identity
99 Scorched Earth Weyland Consortium Operation
107 Private Security Force Neutral Agenda
8 Datasucker Anarch Program
56 Adonis Campaign Haas-Bioroid Asset
17 Gabriel Santiago, Consumate Professional Criminal Identity
110 Eli 1.0 Haas-Bioroid Ice
91 Kati Jones Neutral Resource
54 Haas-Bioroid, Engineering the Future Haas-Bioroid Identity
16 Wyldside Anarch Resource
80 NBN, Making News NBN Identity
65 Corporate Troubleshooter Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
67 Jinteki, Personal Evolution Jinteki Identity
47 Aesop's Pawnshop Shaper Resource
1 Noise, Hacker Extraordinaire Anarch Identity
49 Professional Contacts Shaper Resource
93 Weyland Consortium, Building a Better World Weyland Consortium Identity
9 Plascrete Carapace Neutral Hardware
46 Chaos Theory, Wunderkind Shaper Identity
43 Gordian Blade Shaper Program
56 Pop-up Window NBN Ice
41 Reina Roja, Freedom Fighter Anarch Identity
29 Ken "Express" Tenma, Disappeared Clone Criminal Identity
26 Femme Fatale Criminal Program
33 Swordsman Jinteki Ice
15 Jackson Howard NBN Asset
95 Leela Patel, Trained Pragmatist Criminal Identity
3 Lotus Field Jinteki Ice
49 Chronos Project Neutral Agenda
103 Ice Wall Weyland Consortium Ice
Unrecognized card
54 Same Old Thing Neutral Resource
25 Hayley Kaplan, Universal Scholar Shaper Identity
29 Bank Job Criminal Resource

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