Whenever you install a piece of ice protecting this server, you may immediately rez it, lowering its rez cost by 3.

Limit 1 region per server.

Related RulingsEdit

  • A piece of ice swapped to an Amazon Industrial Zone server with Tenma Line cannot then be rezzed with Amazon Industrial Zone.[1]:Ruling
  • Amazon Industrial Zone only reduces the rez cost of the ice as it is being installed. It does not reduce the credits that can be gained from Blue Sun's ability.[2]:Ruling


  1. Tenma Line Swap Ruling
    Do cards swapped by Tenma Line are considered "installed"? Can abilities of Tenma Line and Amazon Industrial Zone combine?
    The cards that are swapped are not considered to be installed and so it cannot combo with the Amazon Industrial Zone.
  2. Amazon Industrial Zone Duration Ruling
    Can you clarify how Amazon Industrial Grid works with ICE returned by Blue Sun?
    Amazon Industrial Grid only applies while rezzing the ice. So it works well with Blue Sun.

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