See also the List of all assets and the asset category.

Assets are cards the Corporation can install in remote servers. They can have a variety of uses, including tricking the Runner into thinking there's an Agenda installed in the server, providing sources of income, giving new abilities and effects, etc. Assets can only be installed in a remote server, and there can ever only be one asset or agenda in a remote server at any given time.

Page 9, Column 2, Paragraph(s) 1-4, Core Rule Book

Assets provide the Corporation with resources and connections that help him advance and score his agendas.

The Corporation installs assets in remote servers. An asset is not active until it is rezzed by paying credits equal to its rez cost.

Some assets can also be advanced, giving them the appearance of agendas and potentially misleading the Runner. When the Runner accesses an asset, he can trash it by paying credits equal to its trash cost.

There can be only one agenda or one asset installed in a remote server at a time.

Page 13, Column 1, Paragraph(s) 12, Core Rule Book
An asset can only be installed in a remote server.
Page 14, Column 1, Sidebar, Core Rule Book
Advancing Assets

Some assets can be advanced. Advancing assets gives them the appearance of being agendas. This can be useful in bluffing the Runner into making runs which are not beneficial to him.

Page 30, Column 1, Paragraph(s) 12, Core Rule Book
Asset: A Corporation card type which is installed in his remote servers and grants him various benefits.

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