When resolving one of several simultaneous effects, if another conditional ability is triggered, then the newly triggered ability resolves immediately before resolving the remaining simultaneous effects.

Tim Meng's Question[1]Edit

It was recently ruled that if a Runner exposes an Archer while having Blackguard in play, the Corp player is not required to pay the "additional" cost of forfeiting an agenda, which means the Archer doesn't get rezzed, which means they also don't have to pay the 4-credit rez cost either. In other words, in a situation where the Corp is forced to rez something, but an additional cost is involved, the Corp can decline to pay the additional cost, thus preventing the mandatory rez.

Fair enough. Considering previous rulings, that makes sense.

My question is in regard to how this new ruling affects the timing resolution of Snitch in combination with Blackguard.

For instance, say as the Runner I have a Cortez Chip in play, and I trash it to target the first piece of ice on a server. Then I make a run on that server and use Snitch to expose the piece of ice I targeted with Cortez Chip. Because Cortez Chip adds an "additional" cost of 2 credits, I assume that even though I have Blackguard in play, the Corp can decline to pay that additional 2 credits and thus avoid having to pay anything to rez the ice.

However, what I would like to know is whether the Corp makes the decision to rez the ice before or after the Runner has to make the decision to jack out with Snitch.


Tybb-sly The Corp would have to decide whether or not to rez the ice before the Runner chooses to jack out. The jack out effect on Snitch comes after the expose effect.

Sebastian Zarzycki's Question[2]Edit

Corp has a Sentinel Defense Program scored. Runner has Spinal Modem installed. He runs on a server, which has ChiLo City Grid installed and rezzed. He encounters an ICE with trace (say, Caduceus). The trace is successful. What's the exact order of things triggering?

Two interpretations:


  • (simultaneous) Spinal Modem (brain damage) from trace
  • (simultaneous) ChiLo City Grid (tag)
  • Sentinel Defense Program tiggering from brain damage from Spinal Modem (net damage)


  • Spinal Modem (brain damage) from trace
  • Sentinel Defense Program tiggering from brain damage from Spinal Modem (net damage)
  • ChiLo City Grid (tag)


Tybb-sly Scenario #2 is correct.


These rulings seem to indicate that Netrunner has some kind of queue, stack, or other more robust system for resolving effects than is described in the rules.


  1. Posted to Board Game Geek by Tim Meng on May 2, 2014
  2. Posted to Board Game Geek by Sebastian Zarzycki on May 16, 2014

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