For instance, say as the Runner I have a Cortez Chip in play, and I trash it to target the first piece of ice on a server. Then I make a run on that server and use Snitch to expose the piece of ice I targeted with Cortez Chip. Because Cortez Chip adds an "additional" cost of 2 credits, I assume that even though I have Blackguard in play, the Corp can decline to pay that additional 2 credits and thus avoid having to pay anything to rez the ice.

However, what I would like to know is whether the Corp makes the decision to rez the ice before or after the Runner has to make the decision to jack out with Snitch.


Tybb-sly The Corp would have to decide whether or not to rez the ice before the Runner chooses to jack out. The jack out effect on Snitch comes after the expose effect.

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