For the first net damage the Runner suffers each turn, you may look at the Runner's grip and select the card that is trashed.

As part of the Chronos Protocol Tour in 2014, players voted between this Chronos Protocol or a Haas-Bioroid version to be included in a future release. This version won, and will be in The Universe of Tomorrow data pack of the SanSan cycle.

Related RulingsEdit

  • Even if the first net damage is part of a batch of more than 1 net damage (e.g. from Snare!), Chronos Protocol only chooses the card that will be trashed for that one first net damage.[1]:Ruling



  1. Chronos Protocol Chooses One Card Ruling
    so with Chronos Protocol, if I successfully Ronin the runner, or if a Neural Katana fires, do I choose all 3 cards? Or just 1?
    Just one card.
  2. The Universe of Tomorrow Announcement

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