1. Crisium grid at HQ. Runner uses Sneakdoor Beta.

A)Does rezzed Off the Grid get trashed?

B)Can runner charge Datasucker, get credit from Desperado in that case?

2. Crisium grid at Archives. Runner uses Sneakdoor Beta. Does he just get access to archives? Same question about RnD Crisium and Keyhole.

3. Crisium Grid at Archives, runner choose Archives with Security Testing. He runs with his first click and trash Grid. Will he get 2 credits from the second run?

And one more correlated question but without presense of Crisium Grid:

4. Runner marks archives with security testing. And use sneakdoor beta with first click. what happens? Can runner run archives with second click and trigger security testing?


Tybb-sly 1. a&b. No.

2. Accesses Archives & R&D normally.

3. No. The run was still successful, and the game has memory that it was made.

4. It depends. The Runner could choose to use the Security Testing, or choose to use the Sneakdoor Beta. If he uses the Sneakdoor, then Security Testing will not work.

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