From the FAQ. Also number 1.5.25

Similar to FAQ 1.3.24, spending ClickClick to break up to two subroutines on a 2.0 Bioroid breaks those subroutines simultaneously. If, when resolving one of the triggers of e3 Feedback Implants off of those breaks, that third break is prevented by Tyr's Hand, there is still a second trigger from the other subroutine clicked through that can be used to rebreak with e3 the subroutine saved by Tyr's Hand.

Page 11, Column 1, Paragraph(s) 5, FAQ
The Runner encounters Heimdall 2.0 and spends two clicks to break both of the first two subroutines. He then uses e3 Feedback Implants to break the third subroutine, but has that break prevented by Tyr's Hand. Can the Runner use e3 Feedback Implants again, or has the chance to use it now passed?
Yes, the Runner can use the e3 Feedback Implants again.

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