See also the faction category.

All the cards in Android: Netrunner are divided into seven factions: four Corporation factions and three Runner factions. The faction system, along with influence, restricts deckbuilding to make each of the factions feel distinct from each other. Each deck is associated with only one faction based on the identity chosen for the deck. Using a card from a different faction costs influence, and a deck can only contain out of faction cards with a total influence value up to the deck's identity's influence limit.

There are also non-faction specific cards. These Neutral cards can be used in any faction, which means that every faction that wishes to play with those cards will have to spend influence to do so.

The four Corporation factions are: Haas-Bioroid, Jinteki, NBN, and Weyland Consortium.

The three Runner factions are: Anarch, Criminal, and Shaper.

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