Forfeit False Lead: The Runner loses Click Click, if able.
It didn't look like the headquarters of a multi-billion cred company. Probably because it wasn't.


Page 9, Column 2, Paragraph(s) 1-2, FAQ
False Lead cannot be forfeited unless the Runner can lose 2 clicks.

The Corp can forfeit 2 copies of False Lead at 1.1 to force the Runner to lose 4 clicks. The turn advances to the Runner’s discard phase after 1.2 resolves and the Runner has no clicks.

Related RulingsEdit

  • Confirmed by the clarification above: The Corporation can forfeit two False Leads at the beginning of the Runner's turn.[1]:Ruling


  1. Double False Lead Ruling
    I have a question regarding False Lead: Can I forfeit 2 False Leads during 1.1 to force the Runner lose 4 clicks? My argument here is that since the Runner "gains" his/her click during 1.2, there is no click to lose during 1.1. Is it the case? Or does the Runner actually "gain" his click immediately when it's his turn?
    Yes, you can forfeit two False Leads to force the Runner to lose 4 clicks at 1.1. The Runner has 4 clicks available during his or her Action phase.

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