Page 31, Column 1, Paragraph(s) 7, Core Rule Book
Influence: A value that appears on certain cards which is used in deckbuilding. Influenc restricts the number of out-of-faction cards in a deck.

The influence value on a card represents how much it costs to use that card outside of the faction it is associated with. A card can have no influence or an influence value somewhere between 0 and 5.

Page 24, Column 2, Paragraph(s) 9, Core Rule Book
Each card's influence value is represented by small blue orbs near the bottom of the card.

Cards that have no influence value are different from cards that have zero influence. If a card has no influence box on it at all, that card can only be used in faction and never out of faction.

Page 24, Column 2, Paragraph(s) 11, Core Rule Book
Note: Some cards do not have any influence value (this is different than a card that has an influence value of zero). These cards are identified by their lack of an influence box. A card without an influence value cannot be used with an identity card that has a different faction affiliation.

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