An install action is the effect of the Runner installing a program, whether through the standard action of installation or through a card ability that allows the Runner to install something. An install action has three main steps:

  1. Initiation: The Runner initiates the install action for the specified program.
  2. Trashing: The Runner trashes any programs already in the rig that s/he wishes. Already installed programs must be trashed if there is not enough memory for the program being installed.
  3. Installing: The Runner places the program in his/her rig, paying its install cost.

FAQ 1.1.37Edit

From the FAQ. Also numbers 1.2.14, 1.3.14, 1.4.14, and 1.5.13
Page 10, Column 1, Paragraph(s) 1, FAQ
Can the Runner install a program if he has no more available memory units?
Yes. The Runner can trash any number of already installed programs before installing a new one (and must if there is not enough space for the new program). So if the Runner has no free MU, he can initiate an install action, trash any number of programs to free up MU, and then install the new program.

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