You cannot use Kati Jones more than once per turn.

Click: Place 3Credit from the bank on Kati Jones.

Click: Take all credits from Kati Jones.
"You aren't the only type of runner in New Angeles."

Kati Jones is a powerful economic option for many runner decks.

She is also an interesting risk/reward puzzle for runners: if the runner spends a click to place credits on her one turn, then take the credits next turn, the gain is only 1.5 credits per click, which is worse than other click-for-credit options such as Magnum Opus.

If a click is spent to place credits on Kati for four turns in a row, then the credits removed on the fifth turn, the gain is a much more impressive 2.4 credits per click. However, that is many turns spending a click on Kati without having access to credits, which is a Tempo loss. Also, there is a significant risk of losing the credits if the runner gets Tagged before taking the credits off Kati.

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