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Set # Name Faction Type
1 Noise, Hacker Extraordinaire Anarch Identity
2 Déjà Vu Anarch Event
3 Demolition Run Anarch Event
4 Stimhack Anarch Event
5 Cyberfeeder Anarch Hardware
6 Grimoire Anarch Hardware
7 Corroder Anarch Program
8 Datasucker Anarch Program
9 Djinn Anarch Program
10 Medium Anarch Program
11 Mimic Anarch Program
12 Parasite Anarch Program
13 Wyrm Anarch Program
14 Yog.0 Anarch Program
15 Ice Carver Anarch Resource
16 Wyldside Anarch Resource
1 Whizzard, Master Gamer Anarch Identity
2 Spinal Modem Anarch Hardware
3 Imp Anarch Program
4 Morning Star Anarch Program
21 Vamp Anarch Event
22 Liberated Account Anarch Resource
41 Nerve Agent Anarch Program
42 Joshua B. Anarch Resource
61 Disrupter Anarch Program
62 Force of Nature Anarch Program
63 Scrubber Anarch Resource
81 Surge Anarch Event
82 Xanadu Anarch Resource
101 Retrieval Run Anarch Event
102 Darwin Anarch Program
103 Data Leak Reversal Anarch Resource
1 Frame Job Anarch Event
2 Pawn Anarch Program
3 Rook Anarch Program
21 Bishop Anarch Program
22 Scheherazade Anarch Program
23 Hard at Work Anarch Resource
41 Reina Roja, Freedom Fighter Anarch Identity
42 Deep Red Anarch Hardware
43 Knight Anarch Program
61 Keyhole Anarch Program
62 Activist Support Anarch Resource
81 Quest Completed Anarch Event
82 Hemorrhage Anarch Program
83 Tallie Perrault Anarch Resource
101 Singularity Anarch Event
102 Queen's Gambit Anarch Event
103 Dyson Fractal Generator Anarch Hardware
13 Cyber Threat Anarch Event
14 Lamprey Anarch Program
33 D4v1d Anarch Program
34 Scrubbed Anarch Event
52 Quetzal, Free Spirit Anarch Identity
53 BlacKat Anarch Program
54 Duggar's Anarch Resource
73 Inject Anarch Event
74 Origami Anarch Program
75 Fester Anarch Resource
93 Ekomind Anarch Hardware
94 Cerberus "Cuj.0" H3 Anarch Program
113 Incubator Anarch Program
114 Ixodidae Anarch Program
28 Edward Kim, Humanity's Hammer Anarch Identity
29 MaxX, Maximum Punk Rock Anarch Identity
30 Valencia Estevez, The Angel of Cayambe Anarch Identity
31 Amped Up Anarch Event
32 I've Had Worse Anarch Event
33 Itinerant Protesters Anarch Event
34 Showing Off Anarch Event
35 Wanton Destruction Anarch Event
36 Day Job Anarch Event
37 Forked Anarch Event
38 Knifed Anarch Event
39 Spooned Anarch Event
40 Eater Anarch Program
41 Gravedigger Anarch Program
42 Hivemind Anarch Program
43 Progenitor Anarch Program
44 Archives Interface Anarch Hardware
45 Chop Bot 3000 Anarch Hardware
46 MemStrips Anarch Hardware
47 Vigil Anarch Hardware
48 Human First Anarch Resource
49 Investigative Journalism Anarch Resource
50 Sacrificial Clone Anarch Resource
51 Stim Dealer Anarch Resource
52 Virus Breeding Ground Anarch Resource
1 Clot Anarch Program
2 Paige Piper Anarch Resource
3 Adjusted Chronotype Anarch Resource
21 Hacktivist Meeting Anarch Event
22 Off-Campus Apartment Anarch Resource


Set # Name Faction Type
41 Immolation Script Anarch Event
42 Skulljack Anarch Hardware
43 Turntable Anarch Hardware
44 Chrome Parlor Anarch Resource
62 Street Peddler Anarch Resource
81 Trope Anarch Program
82 Spoilers Anarch Resource
101 Power to the People Anarch Event

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