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Set # Name Faction Type
17 Gabriel Santiago, Consumate Professional Criminal Identity
18 Account Siphon Criminal Event
19 Easy Mark Criminal Event
20 Forged Activation Orders Criminal Event
21 Inside Job Criminal Event
22 Special Order Criminal Event
23 Lemuria Codecracker Criminal Hardware
24 Desperado Criminal Hardware
25 Aurora Criminal Program
26 Femme Fatale Criminal Program
27 Ninja Criminal Program
28 Sneakdoor Beta Criminal Program
29 Bank Job Criminal Resource
30 Crash Space Criminal Resource
31 Data Dealer Criminal Resource
32 Decoy Criminal Resource
5 Cortez Chip Criminal Hardware
6 Peacock Criminal Program
23 Satellite Uplink Criminal Event
24 e3 Feedback Implants Criminal Hardware
25 Compromised Employee Criminal Resource
43 Emergency Shutdown Criminal Event
44 Muresh Bodysuit Criminal Hardware
45 Snitch Criminal Program
64 Doppelgänger Criminal Hardware
65 Crescentus Criminal Program
83 Andromeda, Dispossessed Ristie Criminal Identity
84 Networking Criminal Event
85 HQ Interface Criminal Hardware
86 Pheromones Criminal Program
104 Faerie Criminal Program
105 Mr. Li Criminal Resource
4 Hostage Criminal Event
5 Gorman Drip v1 Criminal Program
24 Recon Criminal Event
25 Copycat Criminal Program
26 Leviathan Criminal Program
44 Running Interference Criminal Event
45 Expert Schedule Analyzer Criminal Program
46 Grifter Criminal Resource
63 Lawyer Up Criminal Event
64 Leverage Criminal Event
65 Garrote Criminal Program
84 Executive Wiretaps Criminal Event
85 Blackguard Criminal Hardware
104 Silencer Criminal Hardware
105 Savoir-faire Criminal Program
106 Fall Guy Criminal Resource
28 Iain Stirling, Retired Spook Criminal Identity
29 Ken "Express" Tenma, Disappeared Clone Criminal Identity
30 Silhouette, Stealth Operative Criminal Identity
31 Calling in Favors Criminal Event
32 Early Bird Criminal Event
33 Express Delivery Criminal Event
34 Feint Criminal Event
35 Legwork Criminal Event
36 Planned Assault Criminal Event
37 Logos Criminal Hardware
38 Public Terminal Criminal Hardware
39 Unregistered S&W '35 Criminal Hardware
40 Window Criminal Hardware
41 Alias Criminal Program
42 Breach Criminal Program
43 Bug Criminal Program
44 Gingerbread Criminal Program
45 Grappling Hook Criminal Program
46 Passport Criminal Program
47 Push Your Luck Criminal Event
48 Security Testing Criminal Resource
49 Theophilius Bagbiter Criminal Resource
50 Tri-maf Contact Criminal Resource
15 Paper Tripping Criminal Event
16 Power Tap Criminal Resource
35 Three Steps Ahead Criminal Event
36 Unscheduled Maintenance Criminal Event
37 Cache Criminal Program
55 Box-E Criminal Hardware
56 The Supplier Criminal Resource
76 Autoscripter Criminal Hardware
77 Switchblade Criminal Program
95 Leela Patel, Trained Pragmatist Criminal Identity
96 Cerberus "Rex" H2 Criminal Program
97 Zona Sul Shipping Criminal Resource
118 Bribery Criminal Event
119 Au Revoir Criminal Program
4 Spike Criminal Program
5 Enhanced Vision Criminal Resource
23 Career Fair Criminal Event
24 Dorm Computer Criminal Hardware


Set # Name Faction Type
45 Titanium Ribs Criminal Hardware
46 Crowbar Criminal Program
63 Armand "Geist" Walker, Tech Lord Criminal Identity
64 Drive By Criminal Event
65 Forger Criminal Hardware
66 Shiv Criminal Program
68 Muertos Gang Member Criminal Resource
84 Rolodex Criminal Resource
104 Laramy Fisk, Savvy Investor Criminal Identity
105 Fisk Investment Seminar Criminal Event

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