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Set # Name Faction Type
80 NBN, Making News NBN Identity
81 AstroScript Pilot Program NBN Agenda
82 Breaking News NBN Agenda
83 Anonymous Tip NBN Operation
84 Closed Accounts NBN Operation
85 Psychographics NBN Operation
86 SEA Source NBN Operation
87 Ghost Branch NBN Asset
88 Data Raven NBN Ice
89 Matrix Analyzer NBN Ice
90 Tollbooth NBN Ice
91 Red Herrings NBN Upgrade
92 SanSan City Grid NBN Upgrade
16 Restructured Datapool NBN Agenda
17 TMI NBN Ice
36 ChiLo City Grid NBN Upgrade
35 Big Brother NBN Operation
55 Marked Accounts NBN Asset
56 Pop-up Window NBN Ice
74 Uroboros NBN Ice
75 Net Police NBN Asset
96 Data Hound NBN Ice
97 Bernice Mai NBN Upgrade
114 NBN, The World is Yours* NBN Identity
115 Project Beale NBN Agenda
116 Midseason Replacements NBN Operation
117 Flare NBN Ice
14 Character Assassination NBN Agenda
15 Jackson Howard NBN Asset
16 Invasion of Privacy NBN Operation
34 Shipment from SanSan NBN Operation
35 Muckraker NBN Ice
55 City Surveillance NBN Asset
56 Snoop NBN Ice
75 TGTBT NBN Agenda
76 Sweeps Week NBN Operation
95 Market Research NBN Agenda
96 Wraparound NBN Ice
112 Broadcast Square NBN Asset
113 Corporate Shuffle NBN Operation
5 Near-Earth Hub, Broadcast Center NBN Identity
6 Primary Transmission Dish NBN Asset
7 Midway Station Grid NBN Upgrade
26 Targeted Marketing NBN Operation
27 Information Overload NBN Ice
45 The News Now Hour NBN Asset
46 Manhunt NBN Operation
67 Universal Connectivity Fee NBN Ice
66 Reversed Accounts NBN Asset
85 License Acquisition NBN Agenda
86 Daily Business Show NBN Asset
107 Shoot the Moon NBN Operation
108 Troll NBN Ice
109 Virgo NBN Ice
16 Bandwidth NBN Ice
17 Predictive Algorithm NBN Operation
36 Blacklist NBN Asset
37 Gutenburg NBN Ice


Set # Name Faction Type
57 Little Engine NBN Ice
75 Exposé NBN Asset
92 Haarpsichord Studios, Entertainment Unleashed NBN Identity
93 Award Bait NBN Agenda
94 Explode-a-palooza NBN Agenda
115 Product Placement NBN Upgrade


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