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Set # Name Faction Type
56 Adonis Campaign Haas-Bioroid Asset
57 Aggressive Secretary Haas-Bioroid Asset
69 Project Junebug Jinteki Asset
70 Snare! Jinteki Asset
71 Zaibatsu Loyalty Jinteki Asset
87 Ghost Branch NBN Asset
96 Security Subcontract Weyland Consortium Asset
108 Melange Mining Corp. Neutral Asset
109 PAD Campaign Neutral Asset
29 Encryption Protocol Haas-Bioroid Asset
53 Edge of World Jinteki Asset
55 Marked Accounts NBN Asset
59 Private Contracts Neutral Asset
72 Dedicated Server Jinteki Asset
75 Net Police NBN Asset
92 Eve Campaign Haas-Bioroid Asset
112 Ronin Jinteki Asset
118 Dedicated Response Team Weyland Consortium Asset
8 Alix T4LB07 Haas-Bioroid Asset
9 Cerebral Overwriter Haas-Bioroid Asset
10 Director Haas Haas-Bioroid Asset
11 Haas Arcology AI Haas-Bioroid Asset
12 Thomas Haas Haas-Bioroid Asset
24 Levy University Neutral Asset
25 Server Diagnostics Neutral Asset
15 Jackson Howard NBN Asset
37 Elizabeth Mills Weyland Consortium Asset
50 Isabel McGuire Haas-Bioroid Asset
54 Sundew Jinteki Asset
55 City Surveillance NBN Asset
70 Rex Campaign Haas-Bioroid Asset
73 Shock! Jinteki Asset
92 Toshiyuki Sakai Jinteki Asset
99 GRNDL Refinery Weyland Consortium Asset
112 Broadcast Square NBN Asset
8 Chairman Hiro Jinteki Asset
9 Mental Health Clinic Jinteki Asset
10 Psychic Field Jinteki Asset
11 Shi.Kyū Jinteki Asset
12 Tenma Line Jinteki Asset
23 Plan B Neutral Asset
6 Primary Transmission Dish NBN Asset
8 The Root Weyland Consortium Asset
29 Sealed Vault Weyland Consortium Asset
42 Eliza's Toybox Haas-Bioroid Asset
45 The News Now Hour NBN Asset
50 Shattered Remains Neutral Asset
66 Reversed Accounts NBN Asset
72 Docklands Crackdown Neutral Asset
83 Hostile Infrastructure Jinteki Asset
86 Daily Business Show NBN Asset
88 Executive Boot Camp Weyland Consortium Asset
103 IT Department Haas-Bioroid Asset
106 Turtlebacks Jinteki Asset
8 Constellation Protocol Weyland Consortium Asset
9 Mark Yale Weyland Consortium Asset
10 Space Camp Weyland Consortium Asset
11 The Board Weyland Consortium Asset
10 Brain-Taping Warehouse Haas-Bioroid Asset
18 Capital Investors Weyland Consortium Asset
20 Tech Startup Neutral Asset
36 Blacklist NBN Asset
38 Student Loans Weyland Consortium Asset


Set # Name Faction Type
59 Corporate Town Weyland Consortium Asset
75 Exposé NBN Asset
78 Contract Killer Weyland Consortium Asset
110 Team Sponsorship Haas-Bioroid Asset
113 Genetics Pavilion Jinteki Asset

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