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Set # Name Faction Type
2 Déjà Vu Anarch Event
3 Demolition Run Anarch Event
4 Stimhack Anarch Event
18 Account Siphon Criminal Event
19 Easy Mark Criminal Event
20 Forged Activation Orders Criminal Event
21 Inside Job Criminal Event
22 Special Order Criminal Event
34 Diesel Shaper Event
35 Modded Shaper Event
36 The Maker's Eye Shaper Event
37 Tinkering Shaper Event
49 Infiltration Neutral Event
50 Sure Gamble Neutral Event
21 Vamp Anarch Event
23 Satellite Uplink Criminal Event
26 Notoriety Shaper Event
43 Emergency Shutdown Criminal Event
47 Test Run Shaper Event
81 Surge Anarch Event
84 Networking Criminal Event
87 Quality Time Shaper Event
90 Kraken Neutral Event
101 Retrieval Run Anarch Event
106 Indexing Shaper Event
31 Escher Shaper Event
32 Exploratory Romp Shaper Event
33 Freelance Coding Contract Shaper Event
34 Scavenge Shaper Event
35 Levy AR Lab Access Shaper Event
52 Dirty Laundry Neutral Event
1 Frame Job Anarch Event
4 Hostage Criminal Event
24 Recon Criminal Event
27 Eureka! Shaper Event
44 Running Interference Criminal Event
63 Lawyer Up Criminal Event
64 Leverage Criminal Event
81 Quest Completed Anarch Event
84 Executive Wiretaps Criminal Event
89 Blackmail Neutral Event
101 Singularity Anarch Event
102 Queen's Gambit Anarch Event
107 Power Nap Shaper Event
109 Lucky Find Neutral Event
31 Calling in Favors Criminal Event
32 Early Bird Criminal Event
33 Express Delivery Criminal Event
34 Feint Criminal Event
35 Legwork Criminal Event
36 Planned Assault Criminal Event
51 Mass Install Neutral Event
13 Cyber Threat Anarch Event
15 Paper Tripping Criminal Event
18 Social Engineering Shaper Event
34 Scrubbed Anarch Event
35 Three Steps Ahead Criminal Event
36 Unscheduled Maintenance Criminal Event
38 Net Celebrity Shaper Event
73 Inject Anarch Event
78 Trade-In Shaper Event
115 Code Siphon Shaper Event
118 Bribery Criminal Event
31 Amped Up Anarch Event
32 I've Had Worse Anarch Event
33 Itinerant Protesters Anarch Event
34 Showing Off Anarch Event
35 Wanton Destruction Anarch Event
36 Day Job Anarch Event
37 Forked Anarch Event
38 Knifed Anarch Event
39 Spooned Anarch Event
53 Uninstall Neutral Event
8 Traffic Jam Neutral Event
21 Hacktivist Meeting Anarch Event
23 Career Fair Criminal Event
26 Game Day Shaper Event


Set # Name Faction Type
41 Immolation Script Anarch Event
64 Drive By Criminal Event
101 Power to the People Anarch Event
105 Fisk Investment Seminar Criminal Event

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