1Credit: Prevent the first net damage this turn.
Sucks energy like a Martian terra-bot, but it keeps you focused.


Page 5, Column 2, Paragraph(s) 7-8, FAQ
Net Shield can prevent a single point of net damage each turn. It does not prevent all net damage from a single source.

Multiple Net Shields cannot prevent more damage.

Related RulingsEdit


  1. Net Shield v. Tori Hanzō Rulings, Question 1
    If the runner has Net Shield installed and is about to take damage from Data Mine, can the corporation use Tori Hanzō to shift the damage to Brain before Net Shield can prevent the damage?

    If the answer is that Net Shield can prevent the damage - is this it because of runner priority?

    If the damage source was House of Knives instead - would it matter?

    This is a topic that will be addressed in the next FAQ. For the time being, treat them as simultaneous effects (thus, during a run, the Runner has priority and can prevent the damage first).

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