Place 1 power counter on Overmind when it is installed for each unused MU.

Hosted power counter: Break ice subroutine.
1Credit: +1 strength.


Page 8, Column 2, Paragraph(s) 11, FAQ
Overmind is installed, and its MU counts against your memory limit, when it gains its power counters.

Related RulingsEdit

  • Overmind counts any unused memory from sources that have memory use restrictions, such as Deep Red, but it does not count Djinn because Djinn does not actually provide any memory units.[1]:Ruling


  1. Unused Memory for Overmind Ruling
    Overmind states that it gains a power counter for each unused MU. Does this take into account MU that can only be used for a limited number of programs (i.e. Djinn's 3 extra MU)?
    Yes, Overmind gains power counters from any unused MU (from such sources as Deep Red). Djinn does not work, however, because it does not provide extra memory.

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