This ruling did not reveal any new rules, so it has been classified as Official.

As per the rules for hosting, when a host is trashed, all hosted items are also trashed, which cannot be prevented. Sacrificial Construct cannot break this rule to prevent a Caïssa from being trashed with its host ice.


Can a Sacrificial Construct save a Caïssa program from being trashed when its host ice is being trashed?

I would assume no - but some folks are claiming golden rule protection that the wording of Sacrificial Construct (prevent trashing) conflicts with the ruling in the rulebook / FAQ (cannot be prevented), and thus per the Golden Rule the Sacrificial Construct wins.


Tybb-sly The trashing cannot be prevented per the rules for hosting. The Golden Rule only applies when there is a direct contradiction between a card and the rules.


Posted to Board Game Geek by Captain Frisk on February 24, 2014

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