When your turn begins, you may place 1 advancement token on a card if the Runner did not make a successful run during his or her last turn.


Page 8, Column 2, Paragraph(s) 4-5, FAQ
The Tennin Institute can place advancement tokens on itself.

The Tennin Institute can place advancement tokens on Runner cards.

Related RulingsEdit

  • Confirmed by the clarifications: Tennin Institute can place advancement tokens on identities and installed Runner cards.[1]:Ruling
  • Tennin Institute's ability does not trigger on the first turn of the game as the Runner has not had a "last turn" yet.[2]:Ruling
  • If the only run on the Runner's last turn was against a server with a Crisium Grid installed in it, Tennin Institute gets to place an advancement token on a card, even if the Crisium Grid was trashed during that run.[3]:Ruling


  1. Tennin Institute + Trick of Light Rulings, Question 2
    Are the following plays legal?

    1a. Use Tennin Institute to put an advancement on the Runner's installed Desperado. (my guess is "legal")

    1b. Trick of Light advancements off of the installed Desperado. (my guess is "legal")

    2a. Use Tennin Institute to put an advancement on itself. (my guess is "legal")

    2b. Trick of Light advancements off of Tennin Institute. (my guess is "illegal, identities are not installed")

    3a. Use Tennin Institute to put an advancement on a piece of ICE in the Archives. (I have no idea)

    3b. Use Commercialization on the ICE in the Archives. (my guess is "legal")
    1a. Legal.

    1b. Legal.

    2a. Legal.

    2b. Illegal. You are correct that identities are not installed, so Trick of Light cannot affect them.

    3a. Illegal. Cards that are in an uninstalled, inactive state cannot host tokens or counters.

    3b. Irrelevant.
  2. Turn One Tennin Institute Ruling
    On the first turn - does Tennin Institute fire?
    Tennin Institute does not work on the first turn, since the Runner did not have a turn. You cannot Trick of Light off of Tennin Institute, since Trick of Light only works on installed cards and IDs are not installed.
  3. Crisium Grid + Tennin Institute Ruling
    Corp is playing Tennin Institute. Runner's only run in a turn is against a server with Crisium Grid on it. Run succeeds, Runner accesses & trashes Crisium Grid. Corp turn starts - do they get to place an advancement counter from the Tennin ID?
    You are correct. The Crisium Grid would allow the Tennin Institute to place an advancement token, since the run was not considered successful for the purposes of all card effects.

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