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The Underway is the fourth data pack in the SanSan Cycle.


The Underway Announcement article was posted on February 4, 2015[1]. There were no huge mechanical reveals, but the piece focused more on the narrative of the pack. The Underway features Criminals heavily, as the Muertos gang has a strong influence over this area of SanSan.

Set # Name Faction Type

62 Street Peddler Anarch Resource
63 Armand "Geist" Walker, Tech Lord Criminal Identity
64 Drive By Criminal Event
65 Forger Criminal Hardware
66 Shiv Criminal Program
67 Gang Sign Criminal Resource
68 Muertos Gang Member Criminal Resource
69 Chameleon Shaper Program
70 Hyperdriver Shaper Program
71 Test Ground Haas-Bioroid Asset
72 Defective Brainchips Haas-Bioroid Operation
73 Allele Repression Jinteki Asset
74 Marcus Batty Jinteki Upgrade
75 Exposé NBN Asset
76 Pachinko NBN Ice
77 Underway Renovation Weyland Consortium Agenda
78 Contract Killer Weyland Consortium Asset
79 Spiderweb Weyland Consortium Ice
80 Underway Grid Neutral Upgrade
Flavor Insert
Expose on The Underway: Part IV
Days of the Muertos

In three previous articles we covered the history of the Underway, tracing its roots from the Big One through the cultural revolution: I. The Great Rupture, II. A Pioneer Spirit, III. Children of Ash. In this week's piece we examine the gang that has revently become synonymous with the troubled region.

'I couldn't believe his cojones'

Fred Jameson was walking home to his two-bedroom flat on the corner of Market St. and Roja Ave. It was election night, and he had just been re-elected Concejal of the 13th District for the fifth time. Out-of-nowhere, a skeletal face filled his vision.

"He was wearing one of those Day of the Dead masks," recalls Jameson. "But it was glowing."

Jameson was about to encounter for the first time a member of Los Muertos. Rather than ink, their gang tattoos are bioluminescent implants, meaning that unlike most street gangs in SanSan their identifying tattoos can be turned on and off.

"The gang member congratulated me on my victory," says Jameson. "And then he offered to install a new drive engine in my hopper, which had just broken the day before. I refused, and he threatened me. I couldn't believe the cojones on this street rat, who acted as if he owned the district!"

On the surface, Los Muertos appears to be a street gang with an unknown membership count, riotous gang colors, and no known leadership. But Los Muertos runs deep into the heart of the city. It is a sprawling organization made up of not just stret toughs, but fences, stim dealers, thieves, runners, enforcers, and smugglers. Their specialty is not in flesh or drugs - although they deal in those as well - but technology. By controlling the old ports along the West Shore, Los Muertos has been able to smuggle illegal tech from Ocenia into the US. Its meteoric rise in an area once dominated by the Tri-maf is directly tied to its ability to deal in high-tech goods - and stay one cycle ahead of the law.

"The Underway is so much more than gangland," says Jameson. "We are a hotbed of holographic artists, indie studios, and the birthplace of Jank-Juke-Jazz. But something must be done. Our future depends on it."

'The market is almost infinite'

Concejal Jameson is right. The Underway is a funky, chaotic, and eclectic mix of architecture and ethnicities. What unifies it is a general counterculture vibe - the sense that they are pioneers and iconoclasts. But this independent spirit paved the way for the rise of Los Muertos.

Breaking Story: Outlaws Unveil New Look

The SanSan Outlaws revealed redesigned uniforms for the upcoming season during a presentation today by team president Vince Walsh.

Full Story Here... >



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