SubroutineEnd the run unless the Runner spends ClickClick.
SubroutineEnd the run unless the Runner pays 3Credit.
SubroutineEnd the run unless the Runner trashes 1 installed program.
SubroutineEnd the run unless the Runner takes 1 brain damage.

Related RulingsEdit

  • If the Runner chooses to trash an installed program or take 1 brain damage but prevents either effect, the subroutine is still satisfied and the run continues.[1]:Ruling


  1. Prevent v. Data Raven, Wotan Ruling
    If a runner uses Decoy or New Angeles City Hall to avoid the tag from Data Raven, does the run end? Similarly, if the Runner uses Sacrificial Construct or Feedback Filter/Monolith to prevent program trashing or brain damage when encountering Wotan, does the run end?
    If the Runner avoids the tag, the run does not end, since he still resolved the effect of taking the tag. Same thing for saving programs with Wotan.

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